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Meet the Fletchers

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John & Natalie

The Brain and the Brawn

These two are the backbone of Fletcher's Farm. From building websites and shooting promo videos to building signs and farm park structures these two do it all. The jury is still out on which one is the "brain" and which one is the "brawn" though.

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Kellan & Kylie

The Bigs

Kellan will be interning with us this season with the hope of a future career in accounting or quality control. His attention to detail and precise ways are two of his biggest strengths! 


Kylie, on the other hand, is the epitome of "Type B" personality. All she cares about is if everyone is having a good time. She is also a great hugger and loves purple unicorns.

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Nana & Papa

The Consultants

Nana and Papa are the foundation Fletcher's Farm was built upon. From operating a Christmas tree U-pick and making custom wreaths to selling vegetables and running a sleigh ride business for over two decades, these two "old pros" have done it all.  We are very fortunate to have these two on our team.

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Khloe & Kyron 

The Littles 

These two little humans keep the Fletcher team on their toes at all times. Khloe and Kyron enjoy long mid-day naps, snuggles and lots of tickles. They will soon be moving into the intern phase of their employment at Fletchers Farm.  

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